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Brexit bells ring: What next for investors?

Negotiating the UK’s future trading relationships is just beginning.

Foreign investors take long-term view of the UK in 2019

Brexit might be dominating headlines in the UK now, but the political uncertainty isn’t deterring international investors who are taking a longer-term view.

How China is growing its economic influence in the Middle East

China is becoming a major player in UAE real estate, driven by tourism and the Belt & Road Initiative.

The road to African real estate growth?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has arrived in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing the prospect of significant capital flows, improved trading opportunities and economic growth. How will it impact real estate?


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Asia’s hotels owners look for financing solutions amid coronavirus uncertainty

Faced with unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels owners across Asia are turning to creative financing solutions to ride out near-term turbulence.

During COVID-19, economy hotels lead the way in housing essential workers

Select-service hotels also host first responders.


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China’s logistics market set for post Covid-19 boom

A surge in e-commerce has driven demand for warehousing and logistics.

Dark stores gain traction amid online shopping boom

Warehouses designed to service home delivery are the future of post-Covid-19 retail.


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Why impact investing remains a key focus for investors in the post COVID-19 era

Despite ongoing global economic uncertainty, major institutional investors remain focused on both the social and environmental impact of their strategies.

Investors look to alternative lenders amidst ongoing uncertainty

Alternative lenders step up to fill traditional lending gap with more flexibility.


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Businesses ride out uncertainty with office lease extensions

Real estate contracts are being deferred while landlords and tenants await clarity over the new normal.

How COVID-19 is changing the landlord-tenant relationship

The crisis has thrust businesses into commercial discussions with long-term implications


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Freehold development opportunity in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Several plots of residential land forming a larger parcel with development potential in Molek, Johor Bahru.

Why build-to-rent is gathering pace in Central and Eastern Europe

A new generation of renters in Central and Eastern European cities are driving demand for new build, professionally-managed apartments and student housing.


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Retail goes contact-free as COVID-19 restrictions lift

Retailers invest in touchless technology, expecting longer-term shifts in consumer behaviour.

Opportunistic investors look for value in retail disruption

Investors are now turning to the opportunities presented by a changing retail market.

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