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Brexit bells ring: What next for investors?

Negotiating the UK’s future trading relationships is just beginning.

Foreign investors take long-term view of the UK in 2019

Brexit might be dominating headlines in the UK now, but the political uncertainty isn’t deterring international investors who are taking a longer-term view.

How China is growing its economic influence in the Middle East

China is becoming a major player in UAE real estate, driven by tourism and the Belt & Road Initiative.

The road to African real estate growth?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has arrived in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing the prospect of significant capital flows, improved trading opportunities and economic growth. How will it impact real estate?


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How institutional investors are reshaping Europe’s hotel industry

Institutional investors are becoming increasingly involved in the operational side of Europe’s hotels as they plough more capital into the sector.

Will UK hotel investment see a post-Brexit bounce?

Investor confidence in the UK’s hotel sector is set to return this year as Brexit uncertainty settles, providing opportunities for both buyers and sellers alike.


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How the coronavirus is accelerating supply chain changes in Southeast Asia

Multinationals have been expanding manufacturing operations to new markets.

Industrial investment breaks records, changing the landscape

Industrial transaction volumes in the U.S. exceeded $100 billion in 2019 for first time in history.


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What does Asia Pacific’s proptech funding dip mean for real estate?

Investors press pause after years of strong growth.

First post-Brexit Budget puts UK on borrowing and investment path

The first budget of Boris Johnson’s premiership signalled a move away from austerity.


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Why mega-deals are dominating Australia’s property market

Large-scale tower transactions increase dramatically as investors hunt yield

These six office perks are here to stay

Landlords learned from the flexible space boom to put amenities front and center.


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Why build-to-rent is gathering pace in Central and Eastern Europe

A new generation of renters in Central and Eastern European cities are driving demand for new build, professionally-managed apartments and student housing.

Why multifamily developers are looking to parking lots

As cities across the globe look to curb climate change via car restrictions, parking lots could become available for redevelopment


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How COVID-19 is inspiring new ideas in food retail

Quarantine measures are forcing landlords and retailers to think outside the box

Investors shop for neighbourhood retail

One sector is increasingly inspiring confidence in retailers and investors alike: neighbourhood shopping centres.

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