Laneway to success: Adelaide real estate holds strong

Adelaide will continue attracting local and international capital, thanks to its burgeoning CBD landscape that is presenting opportunities for investors and developers alike.

The changing landscape of grocery-anchored retail

For decades, grocery-anchored neighborhood shopping centers have been some of the strongest and dependable kinds of retail real estate investments. They still […]

The retail love affair continues

The internet has not taken over retail, nor has it killed the in-store experience.

The reinvention of U.S retail

Retail is changing, retail is reinventing itself, but dead – that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Landlords rethink strategies amid e-commerce challenge

As the retail scene continues to face increased pressure from e-commerce, landlords are being forced to adapt their strategies to a new reality, juggling more flexible and creative leasing terms with retaining consumers.

Top 10 most affordable urban retail corridors

These U.S. shopping districts have the most affordable rents on a per-square-foot basis.

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