International capital: is it good or bad for the UK residential market?

Adam Challis, JLL UK & EMEA Head of Residential Research, discusses the importance of international capital to the UK housing market.

Hong Kong residential likely to continue upward track

Minimum 40 percent down payment helps Hong Kong owners escape downward price pressure despite rate hikes.

Reconsidering the “American Dream”

Historically speaking, housing for American citizens has represented a safe investment and a key element for accumulating wealth.

Final luxury penthouse shell in Eureka Tower

Luxury shell penthouse available on level 85 of Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Australia.

Hong Kong’s stamp duty may prompt interest in offshore assets

Hong Kong’s move to raise residential property stamp duty to tame soaring real estate prices will lower transaction volumes in the near term.

Upbeat about Vietnam’s residential property market

The premium apartment price of US$2,180 per square metre is still 24% below the 2007 peak.

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