Resilient Resi: Sydney supply bump unlikely to derail apartment market

Despite the anticipated short-term slowdown, Sydney’s apartment market will continue to show resilience.

APAC rental housing comes to life

The rental-housing market is booming across the Asia-Pacific region, signalling a willingness among major investors to push into new real-estate sectors.

Flurry of collective sales buoys Singapore’s residential market

Underpinned by the ongoing collective sales frenzy, the Singapore private residential market is looking its rosiest in years.

Build-to-rent sector set to boom in Australia

Historically slow to flourish in comparison to global markets, Australia’s Build to Rent (BTR) sector is set to take off in the next 10 years.

What’s next for multifamily in Los Angeles?

More long-term renters and limited inventory of multifamily properties for sale have sustained the sector’s growth.

20 years of change for developers and buyers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s residential and land markets are like balloons on the rise and despite being pulled back by the Hong Kong government’s regulatory tether, we are yet to see the top.

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