ULI: Chinese investors look to new targets

Investing more than $1 billion to develop a campus focused on the life sciences and technology industry is a market mover.

What’s the affinity for city skylines?

Skyline buildings comprise approximately 42.0 percent of the CBD marketplace.

Strategic property managers poised to add value in Nashville

According to JLL’s latest U.S. Office Outlook, Nashville will soon be home to quite a bit more office space.

The return of the domestic investor to the Australian office market

Domestic investors are starting to revise their strategies and competing, once again, for major assets in Sydney’s CBD.

Why investors are targeting secondary U.S. Skylines

According to JLL’s Digital Skyline, secondary markets continue to present opportunities for significant rent growth.

It’s the office version of keeping up with the Joneses

For office owners around the United States, cool and unique amenities are no longer up for debate: they’re a “must have.”

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