You won’t “train in vain” with Bay Area office investments

A new report released by our San Francisco Bay Area research team suggests that transit-oriented development is more than just a snappy slogan.

Tech heats up in Arizona

According to JLL’s U.S. Technology Outlook, Phoenix has become a magnet to tech entities.

Madison: Small but mighty

Small but mighty is a succinct way to describe Madison, Wisconsin’s office investment market which totals approximately 15.7 million square feet of office inventory.

Auto industry drives tech in Detroit

Detroit’s technology prowess comes from its well-known ‘Motor City’ moniker, with technology’s role and investment in the automobile industry remaining prominent as ever.

Fall ULI Meeting: The five surprising markets tech investors should explore

Minneapolis, Dallas, Madison, Phoenix and Detroit all rank among JLL’s Top 20 tech resilient markets for investment.

Currency volatility and real estate returns

How will future movements in key currencies affect total returns for cross-border investors into office markets across Asia Pacific, Europe and the US? Find out in JLL’s currency volatility and real estate returns report.

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