Blockchain was set to transform real estate. What happened?

Years after the initial hype, hurdles encountered when implementing the technology so far have proven too high.

Banks turn to virtual property inspections amid COVID-19

Necessity is pushing lenders toward technology that allows for contactless site visits.

Why real estate transparency is harder to achieve than ever

Commercial real estate markets are increasingly transparent, although the pace of improvement has slowed.

Why investors are going deeper into Europe’s renewable energy markets

Investors in Europe’s renewable energy sector have an increasingly wide range of opportunities as governments aim to fulfill ambitious renewable energy targets.

COVID-19 weighs heavily on APAC real estate markets

Long-awaited data shows the markets hit hardest, but also some bright spots.

Why impact investing remains a key focus for investors in the post COVID-19 era

Despite ongoing global economic uncertainty, major institutional investors remain focused on both the social and environmental impact of their strategies.

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