Another link (or block) in the supply chain

What exactly is blockchain? Everyone has different data. Different access. Different platforms. No matter what industry they are in, people have problems […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution: “Big 3” changes impacting global supply chains

A trend back toward more regionalized economies? We now live in a truly global economy. Companies make and ship products all over […]

Japan’s logistics market sees increased supply in 2018

Japan’s logistics real estate market may see some price softening next year as new supply outpaces demand, opening up potential opportunities for new investors to enter the market.

Emerging cities drive logistics growth in China

A ‘perfect storm’ around demand and supply is ensuring that, for the best returns, emerging cities will continue to lead the way in China’s logistics market.

Why data centres are hot property in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific’s data centre market is worth US$12 billion and it’s continuing to grow.

Shape shifters: the changing industrial and retail landscape

‘Just in time’ logistics has changed the relationship between retail and industrial property. Now, e-commerce is changing it again.

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