Natural disasters and the renegotiation of NAFTA

Economist and Chief Strategist with JLL Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure, Walter Kemmsies, discusses how natural disasters will impact investment priority discussions.

Trump’s U.S. infrastructure plan and the road to global competitiveness

The administration’s initiative aims to deliver a world-class infrastructure to help improve the country’s competitiveness.

Australian transport boom signals good news for real estate investors

More than AU$70 billion in projects are either already under construction across the country or awaiting planning approval.

Industrial investors hunt for yield in secondary markets

It’s no secret the sector is outperforming many of its peers, drawing the interest of both domestic and foreign investors and closing the first half of the year with US$24 billion in sales.

Another link (or block) in the supply chain

What exactly is blockchain? Everyone has different data. Different access. Different platforms. No matter what industry they are in, people have problems […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution: “Big 3” changes impacting global supply chains

A trend back toward more regionalized economies? We now live in a truly global economy. Companies make and ship products all over […]

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