Will UK hotel investment see a post-Brexit bounce?

Investor confidence in the UK’s hotel sector is set to return this year as Brexit uncertainty settles, providing opportunities for both buyers and sellers alike.

Why Sydney hotels are in spruce-up mode

Hotel operators rethinking strategies on when best to refit.

Why more hotels are owned by franchisees

Hotel companies are increasingly shifting to an asset-light strategy as they expand.

Song Saa Private Island – Cambodia

Investment Highlights Luxury 5-star boutique resort featuring 27 spacious jungle, ocean and over-water villas, all with private pools Two private natural islands […]

Hotel investors look to Japan’s regions as Tokyo offers limited opportunity

An imbalance in the supply of luxury hotels across Japan is pushing investors to look beyond the capital.

Why Africa’s hotel investors are now choosing to go it alone

Hotel investors across Sub-Sahara Africa are moving towards outright and majority ownership of their portfolios.

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