Foreign students drive opportunity in Japan’s student accommodation sector

A growing number of foreigners at Tokyo universities is creating opportunities in Japan’s emerging student accommodation investment market.

Can new investors bring life to Germany’s elderly care sector?

Germany´s polarised care homes market is in major need of investment, despite the arrival of a handful of sector specialists in recent years.

New policy to boost Australia’s build-to-rent sector

A Federal Government policy concession has paved the way for institutional investment into Australia’s emerging build-to-rent sector.

What foreign investors are learning from China’s education sector

Schools in China offering Western-style education are becoming a must-have for parents looking to give their children a leg-up in a global world.

New Frontiers: Capital’s shift into Alternative real estate in Australia

As competition tightens in core sectors in Australia, investors are looking to diversify into Alternative real estate for risk-adjusted returns.

Why medical office buildings are so popular with investors

In 2017, MOB sales hit a record value of $10.4 billion—and the momentum is continuing.

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