Major deal highlights international demand for Europe student housing

Amid continued economic fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic, investors are looking to assets and sectors with resilient characteristics to see them safely through the downturn.

Playing defence: Investors looking to data centres

Surging online demand has boosted the resilience of data centres as an investment

Why investors are getting creative in Hong Kong’s coliving market

Hard to find co-living assets are forcing investors to look to redevelopment.

Why renewable energy is fuelling investor interest

For investors more used to city centre office blocks, offshore wind farms may be unfamiliar territory – but the world of sustainable infrastructure has big long-term potential.

Renewable energy investors adapt to post-subsidy era

With government subsidies largely a distant memory for the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure, the sector is charting its own future.

Why coliving is catching on outside Europe’s capitals

Coliving is sweeping across Europe’s cities as younger generations increasingly look beyond traditional flat shares or studio apartments.

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