October 20, 2016

Tokyo has been busy making preparations since the city won a bid in 2013 to host the games. An international high-profile event such as the Olympics almost always gives its host city a short-term economic and cultural boost.

However, ahead of the games in 2020, concerns over costs have already caused some delays in planning. As the world’s athletes descend upon the city in a bid to break world records, the real challenge for the host city is transforming a few weeks of sporting glory into a lasting legacy. As preparations get underway, Tokyo is keen to showcase its best technology. When Tokyo last hosted the Games in 1964, the theme was “Japan as a technological leader”, which included the launch of the Shinkansen bullet train, then the fastest in the world.

The Investor talks to Katie Kopec, JLL’s Director of Development Consultancy, and Toshinobu Kasai, JLL’s Country head for Japan, about the impacts of the games. Kopec played a vital role in the planning and delivery of London’s 2012 Olympic Games.


Toshinobu Kasai

Country Head, Japan, JLL

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