May 10, 2017

In an effort to create a “Davos-like experience,” the MIT Center for Real Estate will host its annual World Real Estate Forum on May 18-19, bringing together MIT faculty and researchers and industry thought leaders from more than 20 countries to talk about the innovative landscape in the commercial real estate world. This year, it’s all about the autonomous future of real estate—things like artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous intelligence. Imagine a world where buildings can ‘build’ and even operate themselves.

JLL’s Global Research Director, Rosemary Feenan, will be moderating a panel on the role of development in the next century of global city building.

Part of JLL’s recent partnerships with MIT, the panel will seek to identify how innovation in design and technology will impact commercial real estate. Serving as the Founding Industry Partner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate’s Real Estate Innovation Lab (REIL), it will explore how trends like urbanization and the Internet of Things will affect all aspects of commercial real estate.

One of the first co-projects is creating a comprehensive commercial real estate database for the city of New York that will include AirBnB locations, co-working spaces, cell towers, fiber optic cables, subway lines and other infrastructure critical to innovation.

“I’m really looking forward to attending this year’s Edge Sessions to hear about ‘what’s next’ in the commercial real estate world,” said Ben Breslau, Director of Americas Research at JLL. “Last year, we learned about autonomous vehicles, which have really interesting implications for CRE. If you have autonomous vehicles you may not care that your real estate isn’t so close to public transportation. And what do we do with parking garages that currently take up a lot of space? It could change the whole dynamics of the daily commute. It’s these kinds of topics that keep us on the cutting edge of innovation.”


Ben Breslau

Director of Americas Research, JLL

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