Why real estate transparency is harder to achieve than ever

Commercial real estate markets are increasingly transparent, although the pace of improvement has slowed.

Office leases are getting shorter

Coronavirus is amplifying demand for more flexible commercial real estate.

Why impact investing remains a key focus for investors in the post COVID-19 era

Despite ongoing global economic uncertainty, major institutional investors remain focused on both the social and environmental impact of their strategies.

Investors look to alternative lenders amidst ongoing uncertainty

Alternative lenders step up to fill traditional lending gap with more flexibility.

Why renewable energy is fuelling investor interest

For investors more used to city centre office blocks, offshore wind farms may be unfamiliar territory – but the world of sustainable infrastructure has big long-term potential.

How currency, interest rate shifts are combining to reshape capital flows

Cross border real estate investors are reshaping their existing strategies to take advantage of exchange rate volatility and interest rate convergence.

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