Why companies want proof buildings are healthy

Certifications ranking health in office buildings are cropping up in major real estate markets as COVID raises the stakes on employee wellbeing.

Why big-box retail stores are turning into warehouses

Real estate developers are converting large retail centres into warehouses as landlords grapple with online shopping.

How COVID-19 regulations are changing landlord-tenant dynamics

Hastily enacted regulations addressing a fast-unfolding pandemic have introduced a layer of complexity around leases between tenants and landlords.

Private investors ramp up real estate strategies amid COVID-19 uncertainty

HNW and Family Office capital is playing an even bigger part in real estate investment across the globe.

Why green roofs are a must-have for modern cities

Traditionally given over to ventilation shafts or solar panels, today’s rooftops are increasingly becoming green spaces as part of a drive towards cleaner cities.

Why COVID-19 is driving demand for real-time data

Big data is front and center across a real estate industry hungry for insights.

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