How COVID-19 is changing the grocery business

Grocers are adapting to meet online and in-store demand as people shelter in place.

How landlords and facilities managers are dealing with empty buildings

Even though many people are working from home, buildings still require ongoing maintenance.

First post-Brexit Budget puts UK on borrowing and investment path

The first budget of Boris Johnson’s premiership signalled a move away from austerity.

How institutional investors are reshaping Europe’s hotel industry

Institutional investors are becoming increasingly involved in the operational side of Europe’s hotels as they plough more capital into the sector.

A new dawn for the UK’s renewable energy sector?

The decision to reinstate government support could reassure risk-averse investors.

Will UK hotel investment see a post-Brexit bounce?

Investor confidence in the UK’s hotel sector is set to return this year as Brexit uncertainty settles, providing opportunities for both buyers and sellers alike.

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