Demand and policy support boost UK’s private rented communities market

The strength of momentum behind UK residential investment continues to improve, despite good reasons to expect otherwise.

Saudi Arabia poised for major investment drive

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is on the brink of a global investment drive, with the potential to change the landscape of global real estate markets.

Challenges, opportunities for growth in UK serviced apartments

The UK serviced apartment market is emerging as a hot prospect for developers and investors, as undersupply and a shift in demand create opportunities

Chinese, Hong Kong investors leading post-Brexit London market bounce-back

While some investors acted with caution, others – in particular those from mainland China and Hong Kong – saw opportunity.

Life after oil: Saudi investment boom starts with land reform

The Saudi real estate market is going through a transformation – shaking off decades of inertia

Workspace, reworked

How can investors ride the wave of tech driven change?

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