Diversity – key to real estate growth?

Although still viewed as a traditionally ‘male’ industry, real estate companies which draw on a diverse mix of talent have consistently proven to deliver enhanced profits, investor returns and productivity uplifts.

New regulatory regime not enough to deter foreign investment into Australia

Federal and state regulators have tightened regulations and increased costs for non-resident investors.

Positive future for Australian student accommodation market

With student numbers growing and a solid development pipeline in place, the outlook for Australia’s Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector is positive.

Swap deals – cashing in without cashing out

In the current market, characterised by low interest rates and reluctance to sell property, the prospect of an asset swap may have higher appeal.

U.S. tourism investment puts Queensland on the map

New era for America can provide dynamic impetus to Australia’s hotel and tourism sector as leisure market drives Queensland development.

President Trump and Australian real estate – Initial thoughts

What impact will a Trump government have on the real estate markets ‘Down Under’?

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