Asia Pacific

G20 puts spotlight on China amid global volatility

With the end of the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, China has made its stamp not only as host but as a global economic force that can’t be ignored.

Improved transparency aids dynamic Asian mega cities

Improvements in global real estate market transparency have brought more focus to property as an investment class.

China’s new currency regime benefits global real estate markets

Since the renminbi shake-up last year, mainland investors have accelerated their acquisitions of property assets in both Hong Kong and further afield in the United States.

Does Pokemon GO add value to real estate assets?

What value does the footfall from Pokemon GO bring to real estate?

India’s REIT market presents opportunities

REITs as a percentage of market size are higher in India than APAC countries.

China real estate developers aim to score with UK & European football clubs

Chinese investors, including developers, have spent billions on European football clubs which is subsequently leading to real estate investment in the region.

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