Asia Pacific

The industrial asset challenge in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific’s logistics sector is heating up as two of the world’s biggest online retailers, Amazon and Alibaba, expand in the region.

Shanghai versus Beijing: Battling for office space in China’s biggest cities

Many firms are eyeing areas outside of the traditional CBDs areas where rents are rising.

Choosing the right hotel operators in an age of consolidation

Against recent industry developements owners should establish the true value of the loyalty programme and its delivery from different operators.

Swell of investment stock bodes well for real estate in 2017

While global transaction volumes in Q1 slipped slightly, the buildup in activity is forecast to bear fruit through the rest of the year.

Bits, bytes and bricks – Australian retail space evolves

Australia lags other major economies for online sales – but that is changing, and retail property will change with it.

Is the world looking to Asia Pacific?

What does the future hold for Asia-Pacific’s real estate markets?

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