Asia Pacific

Shape shifters: the changing industrial and retail landscape

‘Just in time’ logistics has changed the relationship between retail and industrial property. Now, e-commerce is changing it again.

Adding value through technology

As smart buildings get smarter and demand increases, investors are getting savvier about new solutions they can harness to improve efficiency.

Tight foreign investment control no reason to panic

Despite the recent tightening of foreign investment regulations by the Chinese Government, it’s likely to have minimal long-term effects on inbound capital from the country into Australia’s commercial real estate markets.

Rail connections to spur growth in Southeast Asia

As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations mark its 50th anniversary on August 8, 2017, the region is gearing up for greater growth and investment.

Industrial assets outperform office, retail sectors as GLP accepts record buyout

Singapore-based industrial real estate operator Global Logistics Properties (GLP) has confirmed that it has agreed to a takeover offer amounting to S$16 billion.

Sunny side up: How solar is adding value to industrial

The case for renewable energy in industrial real estate is building rapidly, but the sky is not the limit – it’s more accurate to say the roof is.

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