Asia Pacific

Why renewable energy is fuelling investor interest

For investors more used to city centre office blocks, offshore wind farms may be unfamiliar territory – but the world of sustainable infrastructure has big long-term potential.

How currency, interest rate shifts are combining to reshape capital flows

Cross border real estate investors are reshaping their existing strategies to take advantage of exchange rate volatility and interest rate convergence.

Asia’s hotels owners look for financing solutions amid coronavirus uncertainty

Faced with unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels owners across Asia are turning to creative financing solutions to ride out near-term turbulence.

How an industrial district is transforming into a bustling business hub

The Kwun Tong district in Hong Kong is primed for redevelopment.

COVID-19 is highlighting why supply chains need better data

Companies are looking to AI, automation to better tackle periods of disruption.

How COVID-19 is changing the landlord-tenant relationship

The crisis has thrust businesses into commercial discussions with long-term implications

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