Investors shifting to safety of major cities

Investors in the United States are shifting their attention from smaller cities to refocus on major markets.

Bank branches are consolidating. Landlords, take notice

The largest bank merger in more than a decade signals that lenders are likely to continue to reduce their commercial real estate footprints.

Why a U.S. university endowment invested 60% of its cash in real estate

Major funds are continuing to shift investment efforts toward commercial real estate markets.

Top 10 U.S. markets best positioned for coworking growth

Check out the top 10 markets in the U.S. that are most likely to see an uptick in flexible office real estate.

Why Boston’s CBD is ideally positioned to see out the end of the cycle

Boston’s CBD office market is unique among its peers, and well placed to see out the end of the current cycle.

The four ways fast food consolidation impacts commercial real estate

Major M&A has been shaking things up in the fast food world, signaling change for real estate investors.

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