Why investors are signing up for coliving

Dorm-like communal living has become more commonplace in the U.S., and investors are taking note.

How 5G is set to spur new data center construction

Wireless networks are gearing up for 5G, an upgrade that will make the internet experience exponentially faster, eventually touching all industries and sectors.

Why old school retailers are investing in retail startups

Traditional retailers are being forced to innovate as they continue to battle high costs and online competition.

How new Opportunity Zone rules will impact commercial real estate

New rules will make it easier for fund managers to raise capital and for developers to begin construction.

U.S. cities lead sustainability measures

Cities across the U.S. have been working with businesses and investors to accelerate emissions-cutting policies.

It’s more than debt. Here’s why millennials will keep renting

Near-record levels of debt among young Americans is just one of the factors in decreasing home-ownership.

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