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New frontiers for investors looking to diversify into Alternatives

As competition tightens in core sectors, investors are looking to Alternative real estate to seek asset diversification and risk-adjusted returns.

Our latest report explores why these non-traditional real estate sectors - from data centres, agriculture to aged care facilities and student housing - have become increasingly popular in Australia, and what the opportunities are for local and offshore investors and developers.

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Regional Director,
Head of Alternative Investments
Noral Wild
Want to know about the opportunities in Alternative Investments?

Global mega-trends driving demand in non-traditional real estate

Investor analysis of key Alternative sectors in Australia

The portfolio benefits of diversifying in Alternative real estate

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In Australia, traditional real estate sectors will simply not create enough new assets to satisfy local and global investor demand. Therefore, it is inevitable institutional capital will begin to seek new, or 'alternative' sectors. Many alternative sectors also offer large investors stable and predictable cash flows, which can be counter-cyclical and less correlated with income streams from traditional real estate sectors.

Leigh Warner, National Director, Research, JLL Australia

Key opportunities

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