Offshore investors lead the Australian retail charge

Investor demand remains strong for core and core-plus assets, with offshore investors making a strong showing for acquisitions, accounting for 32 percent of transactions over the year.

Forward thinking investors eye futuristic supermarket concepts

How is nutrition impacting real estate?

Can London maintain its retail allure in 2017?

The ‘success attributes’ of the UK capital city will continue to ensure that London remains a magnet for international capital, tourists and business visitors alike in 2017.

What’s next for China’s burgeoning retail investment market?

What word would you use to describe the retail property investment market in China in 2016?

Emerging retail trends from MAPIC 2016

The world’s retail industry descended on Cannes in November for the annual trade show, MAPIC, and, as usual, it was the event to make, break and shape retail.

Zagreb mall fetches record sum for South East Europe

The Arena Centar in Zagreb, Croatia, has sold for €235 million making it the largest single asset transaction in the region to date.

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