April 15, 2015

Reliability influences every supply chain officer’s decision making when it comes to how goods enter the United States, are distributed across the country and ultimately reach their end-customers. Reliability is paramount, affecting both cost and speed-to-market, and it has come under attack as a result of the slowdown at the nation’s West Coast seaports. So much so, that JLL’s occupier clients are questioning the long-term implications for the nation’s industrial markets. JLL’s report, What is the long term impact of the LA/LB Port slowdown, explores the issues and give you the answers.

The report concludes:

  • Los Angeles and Long Branch are still a major cargo player by 2.5 times
  • Cargo has been shifting to the east coast, but much of it is likely discretionary
  • A port diversification strategy is ideal: Shippers will call on multiple ports since flexible supply chains are better equipped to deal with potential disruptions
  • Imports, population, infrastructure options and labor are big drivers of industrial real estate

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