Automotive investment: the next big alternative asset class?

Investors are flocking to the UK’s automotive sector as new green technology and the potential for long-term growth raise the profile, and profits, of this alternative asset class.

Investment in the Last Mile

Often referred to as ‘The Last Mile’, city and urban logistics has been thrown into the spotlight with the exponential growth in e-commerce.

Chinese investors look west to Russia

The inflow of Chinese capital into Russia’s real estate market may see a significant increase this year as China investors find ways of mitigating currency risk.

Booming Indian Ocean draws tourism investment to its shores

The Indian Ocean is emerging as a safe and attractive destination for tourists and investors alike thanks to soaring airlift and high tourism growth.

The road to African real estate growth?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has arrived in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing the prospect of significant capital flows, improved trading opportunities and economic growth. How will it impact real estate?

Middle East institutions set sights on domestic investments

The GCC real estate investment landscape is witnessing a rapid change in active participants with an increasing number of institutional investors pursing direct real estate investments.

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