Education driving Melbourne forward

With six of the top 100 universities in the world, Melbourne’s growing education sector is keeping it on the hit list.

Laneway to success: Adelaide real estate holds strong

Adelaide will continue attracting local and international capital, thanks to its burgeoning CBD landscape that is presenting opportunities for investors and developers alike.

Shape shifters: the changing industrial and retail landscape

‘Just in time’ logistics has changed the relationship between retail and industrial property. Now, e-commerce is changing it again.

Tight foreign investment control no reason to panic

Despite the recent tightening of foreign investment regulations by the Chinese Government, it’s likely to have minimal long-term effects on inbound capital from the country into Australia’s commercial real estate markets.

Sunny side up: How solar is adding value to industrial

The case for renewable energy in industrial real estate is building rapidly, but the sky is not the limit – it’s more accurate to say the roof is.

Office leasing – think small to innovate big

Innovating thinking in office leasing attracts new tenants to Sydney’s Barangaroo

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