Asia Pacific

Why future-proofing is key to Sydney’s place on world stage

Sydney currently outperforms many global capital cities on factors such as transparency, real estate investment and brand so what can it do to become a top seven ‘Established World City’?

Good news for Japan’s real estate after Abe election win

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent landslide victory not only bodes well not only for Japan’s economy, but also the country’s real estate investment market.

Flurry of collective sales buoys Singapore’s residential market

Underpinned by the ongoing collective sales frenzy, the Singapore private residential market is looking its rosiest in years.

Thriving in fertile ground: The open-ended core fund landscape

Open-ended core funds market in Asia Pacific will play a key role in responding to global investors’ shifting preferences from short-term opportunism to long-term investing in the region.

Why Supertalls are gaining ground in Asia

Of the world’s supertalls – a nickname for skyscrapers rising over 300 meters – around 60 percent are  in Asia.

Australian transport boom signals good news for real estate investors

More than AU$70 billion in projects are either already under construction across the country or awaiting planning approval.

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