Overseas investors look to regional Japan

Traditionally focused on central Tokyo, overseas investors looking at Japanese real estate are increasingly looking towards regional cities.

Japan’s legalisation of integrated resorts and its real estate market

Japan has passed a landmark law to legalise Integrated Resorts (IR) with casino component.

Tokyo Olympics: Beyond the cost, what is the legacy of the games?

Tokyo has been busy making preparations since the city won a bid in 2013 to host the games.

G7 discussions and the implications for real estate

As the G7 meeting gets underway in Tokyo, discussions among the leaders of world’s seven richest nations undoubtedly will be wide ranging.

Japan’s hotel sector is booming and long-term owners aren’t selling

Japan’s booming tourism industry is a cash cow for hotel owners and many long-term owners are holding onto their properties even as investors are queuing to buy their assets.

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