Asia Pacific

20 years of change for developers and buyers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s residential and land markets are like balloons on the rise and despite being pulled back by the Hong Kong government’s regulatory tether, we are yet to see the top.

Vietnam hospitality wins big

News that Vietnam is liberalising its gaming industry to let locals into casinos has given the country’s growing hospitality industry an added boost.

Sale and leasebacks gain traction in APAC’s booming data centre market

Data centre owners and operators in APAC are increasingly making the move to leased structures as investment in the sector grows at a faster pace than markets in Europe and the U.S.

Chinese investors making their move on Australian infrastructure

Looking beyond the residential market—which has seen prices rise by 47 percent in the last four years – Chinese investors are starting to pour funds into other sectors of Australian real estate.

South Korean investors step up real estate acquisitions and funding

South Korean investors are raising blind funds and forward funding real estate acquisitions with their eyes set on European assets.

Climate change – threat or opportunity for real estate investors?

Can opportunity be borne from the threat and can real estate investors harness climate change to improve the resilience of their assets and businesses?

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