Sun Belt cities scorching as rent growth tops 20 percent

To see where rents are moving up, investors are looking down South to mid-size cities in the Sun Belt.

Foreign capital digs deep into Skyline markets

The U.S.’s skyline offices might rise up from continental soil, but their ownership is increasingly international and diverse.

Industrial assets outperform office, retail sectors as GLP accepts record buyout

Singapore-based industrial real estate operator Global Logistics Properties (GLP) has confirmed that it has agreed to a takeover offer amounting to S$16 billion.

Sunny side up: How solar is adding value to industrial

The case for renewable energy in industrial real estate is building rapidly, but the sky is not the limit – it’s more accurate to say the roof is.

Office leasing – think small to innovate big

Innovating thinking in office leasing attracts new tenants to Sydney’s Barangaroo

Tech industry spearheads global real estate leasing

Leasing by technology companies accounts for about a fifth of the overall office rental market in major cities and is expanding at a faster pace than rentals by other industries such as finance and banking.

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