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Beijing’s real estate market heats up

Beijing’s commercial real estate market is on pace for a record year.

Cautious welcome for RBA interest rate cuts

Is a short-term policy boost to labour and housing markets is setting up unnecessary risks down the road?

Investors look to take advantage of fixed-rate refinancing opportunities

More commercial real estate investors are locking in attractive financing terms as a late cycle strategy in Europe.

Inland ports are on the rise; investors see logistics opportunity

Many of the world’s fastest growing ports have a surprising thing in common – they are all inland. And their increasing popularity means more need for accompanying logistics investment.

Education tenants pile into Australian CBDs

Education providers are looking to CBD offices in Australia to attract international students demanding better safety, connectivity and enhanced amenities.

Stable returns have investors hot on cold storage

In an increasingly uncertain global economy, investors are looking to cold storage as a safe haven for stable returns,