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APAC rental housing comes to life

The rental-housing market is booming across the Asia-Pacific region, signalling a willingness among major investors to push into new real-estate sectors.

Can Southeast Asia’s largest mixed-use development revitalise Vietnam?

Can Ho Chi Minh’s new mixed-use urban development, Thu Thiem, do for the city what China’s Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone area did for Shanghai?

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The administration’s initiative aims to deliver a world-class infrastructure to help improve the country’s competitiveness.

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From its origins in Silicon Valley, the tech industry is now starting to boom right across the United States.

Asset securitisation popular with Chinese developers

Some of China’s biggest real estate developers are in the midst of launching securities as a new mode of financing.

Vancouver’s lodging market takes flight

Over the past three years, Vancouver’s lodging market has experienced unprecedented growth.